Friday, January 14, 2011

Monstera Deliciosa

Impacted by the cold and dry spell.
Monstera is a large-leaf philodendren.  I planted several as fill between some live oaks in some open beds in my back yard (hence, full sun).  Like the xanadu, they prefer indirect sun and so I am not surprised that they have not thrived, but my hope is that the oaks will soon become more full and provide more shade. Once mature and thriving, they appear to be robust; but before then, they seem to be rather delicate and impacted by cold and dry weather; they do best in the wet summer. It isn't widely known, but they produce an edible fruit that is supposed to taste similar to a pineapple; however, we have been warned that it is very difficult to gauge the ripeness... and if you eat it before it is perfectly ripe, it feels like broken glass going down your throat. If they survive and eventually thrive and produce the fruit, we will test it and post a follow-up.
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