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Memorial Day 2012

Every Memorial Day (or there abouts) I make a pictoral record of my plants.  It is a great benchmark to see how things have grown and changed from the prior year. Fortunately, we had a warm and relatively wet winter (which is usually our dry season).  As such, we saw no damage from cold and the rain kept things growing pretty well. I always find that the 2-year mark is generally the point at which most plants in South Florida really take root and thrive and begin to grow incredibly well. We've continued to experiment with different plants and have ripped out and replaced several over the past year, most notably with ixora... albeit not too exotic for Miami, it is a great shrub that thrives well and provides much needed color to the gardens.
 Our Sylvester Palm looks great, newly shaved and pruned.
 My agapanthus, one of my favorites, is doing great.

My mango tree has done so well this year, and (as you can see) is ready to yeild a great crop of incedible mangos... can't wait.

The garden by the lake has really thrived this year.  The paradise trees have really done incredibly well; they have turned into very pretty trees and are growing very fast.  The Oaks have take root and are also thriving, providing enough shade for some of the ground folliage to perform better, particularly the monstera.

This is a mango sappling I grew from the seed of one of my mangos.  I decided not to try to graft it but let it grow on its own.  It has done great and was ready to go into the ground.

 This is a frangiapani that I had all but written off shortly after putting it in the ground; it came back, survived, and now is doing very well.

My avocado tree I planted this year... hope to yield a couple fruit this year.

My Royal Palms along the lake are gorgeous.  The trunk bases are huge now, and the trees are 15 to 20 feet tall (or more).
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